Talks and seminars


  • INDAM Workshop: Qualitative properties of dispersive PDEs, Roma 2-4 Settembre 2021. Linear and nonlinear interaction for wave equations with time variable coefficients.
  • 13 ISAAC Congress, Ghent University (Belgium) online 2-6 Agosto 2021, The influence of slow decaying initial data on the critical exponent for nonlinearscale invariant damped wave equations. 
  • Dispersive equation of Math Physics, University of Pisa. 6-8 February 2020,  Fujita regularity exponent for scale invariant damped semilinear wave equation
  • Indam Workshop: Anomalies in Partial Differential Equations, Roma 09.09.-13.09.2019, Quasi-Linear Wave Equations with time dependent coefficients
  • XII ISAAC congress, University of Aveiro, Portugal, 29 July – 2 August 2019, Blow-up for Quasi-Linear Wave Equations with time dependent potential
  • Workshop Fourier Analysis and Partial Differential Equations, Università di Ferrara, 10-11 Settembre 2018, Large Data Solutions for a class of Nonlinear Dissipative Equations
  • EVOLUTION EQUATIONS AND PDEs, on the Occasion of the 60th birthday of Gisele Ruiz Goldstein, Università di Bari, 13 Luglio 2018, Global existence and asymptotic profile for a class of nonlinear dissipative equations
  • XI ISAAC congress, Session Recent progress in evolution equations, Linnaeus University, Sweden, 14-18 August 2017, Focusing NLKG equation with potential
  • Mathematical Analysis for Stability, Hokkaido University 24-26 Agosto 2016, Breaking Symmetry in focusing NLKG equation
  • XX Congresso Nazionale dell’UMI,
    Siena 7-12 Settembre 2015
    Esistenza di soluzioni per l’equazione della trave con memoria
  • Brainstorming in Hyperbolic Equations, Bari 20 Marzo 2015, Nonlinear Beam-type Equations
  • ICMC Summer Meeting on Differential Equations, Sao Carlos, Brasile, 2-4 Febbraio 2015.
    Nonlinear wave equations with scale invariant
    damping term.
  • The 10th AIMS Conference on Dynamical Systems,
    Differential Equations and Applications, Madrid 7-11 Luglio 2014 Semilinear wave equations with variable coefficients.
  • Workshop: Linear and Nonlinear PDE, Pisa 1-2 Agosto 2013 Nonlinear wave equation with time dependent coefficients.
  • Complex Analysis & Dinamical System VI, Nahariya (Israel) 19-24 Maggio 2013
    Nonlinear wave equation with variable coefficients.
  • German-Italian Workshop. Modern Aspects in Phase Space Analysis Freiberg University of Mining and Technology 13-17 Febbraio 2012 Neumann exterior problem for nonlinear wave equations.
  • XIX Convegno Nazionale dell’UMI,  Bologna Italy, September 2011
    Equazioni quasilineari di tipo onde in un dominio esterno bidimensionale
  • IperMessina, XIII Incontro Nazionale sulle Equazioni Iperboliche Messina Italy, February 2011
    Equazione quasilineare delle onde in un dominio esterno bidimensionale
  • VII ISAAC Congress London UK, July 2009 p q Schrödinger systems
  • EEMMAS International conference Evolution Equations and mathematical models in the applied sciences
    Taranto Italy July 2009 Coupled nonlinear Schrödinger equations
  • Conference “Around Hyperbolic Systems”  Ferrara Italy, June 2005  Global existence for semilinear wave equations with time dependent coefficients
  • Conference “Fourier Analysis and Hyperbolic PDEs”  Imperial College London UK, May 2005 Critical semilinear weakly hyperbolic equations
  • XVII Convegno Nazionale dell’UMI,  Milano Italy, September 2003  Equazione di Klein Gordon con potenziale
  • Workshop: Fenomeni Dispersivi e di concentrazione per le equazioni di evoluzione Roma Italy, Genuary 2004 
    Stime moltiplicative e nonlineari
  • BIMESTRE   INTENSIVO: Microlocal Analysis and Related Subjects. Torino Italy, May 2003 
    Nonlinear inequalities associated with an algebra of PSDO with singular symbols
  • 29-th International Summer School. Applications of Mathematics  in engeneering and economics.  Sozopol Bulgaria, June 2003 Mixed Strichartz Estimates for Perturbed Klein Gordon Equation
  • Tsukuba Symposium 2003, University of Tsukuba, Japan, February 2003
    Nonexixtence theorems for nonlinear inequalities associated to Grushin-type operators
  • Convegno IPERFE02  X Incontro Nazionale sulle Equazioni Iperboliche  Ferrara Italy,  October 2002 
    Teoremi di non esistenza per disequazioni nonlineari associate ad operatori di tipo Grushin.
  • Linear and Nonlinear Hyperbolic Equations,  Grado Italy, Septermber  2001 
    Nonlinear Klein-Gordon Equation with potential
  • Spring PDE Conference  Department of Mathematics, University of Pisa Italy,  May 2001
    Unperturbed Klein Gordon Equation
  • Symposium for Young Mathematicians in Tsukuba,  Tsukuba Univerisity Japan, March 2001 
    Pseudo-differential equations applied to non-linear Maxwell system
  • Workshop : Nonlinear Evolution Equations, L’Aquila Italy,  September 2000
    Decay estimates for hyperbolic symmetric systems
  • Programme in Partial Differential Equations and related topics,  Università di Pisa Italy,  May  2000 
    Systems of crystal optics
  • Workshop on Partial Differential Operators, Università of Torino Italy,  May 2000
    From pseudo-differential equations to nonlinear crystal optics systems
  • Workshop Blow-up and Global Existence of Solutions for Parabolic and Hyperbolic Problems, Università di Trieste Italy,  September 1999 On a Hyperbolic Pseudo-differential Equation
  • Convegno IPERPV98,  VI Incontro Nazionale sulle Equazioni Iperboliche, Università di Pavia Italy, October 1998 Stima di decadimento per la soluzione dell’equazione di Klein-Gordon
  • Convegno 40% Progetto MURST “Problemi nonlineari…” Montecatini Terme  Italy, Febrary 1998 Decadimento di soluzioni dell’equazione di Klein-Gordon”
  • Convegno IPERAQ97,  V Incontro Nazionale sulle Equazioni Iperboliche,  Università de L’Aquila Italy,  November 1997 Equazioni nonlineari delle onde con potenziale positivo


  • 2021, Pisa  University, Nonlinear wave equations with potential, 25 years of dubts, questions, answers.
  • 2019, Pisa University, Large data solutions for high order equations with fractional laplacian
  • 2018, Bologna University, Critical exponents and where you can find them
  • 2015, Sao Paolo University, Sede di Ribeirao Preto, Existence results for some nonlinear Schrodinger Systems and for Germain-Lagrange equations
  • 2003, Hamamatsu University (Japan), Non-esistence theorems for differential inequalities
  • 2002, L’Aquila University, Non-existence results for weak solutions of differential inequalities
  • 2001, Waseda University (Japan), Maxwell system in anisotropic media
  • 2001, Shizuoka University (Japan),  Pseudo differential equations applied to first oder systems
  • 2001, Basilicata University. Pseudo differential equations
  • 2000, L’Aquila University. Cristal optics equations
  • 1999, Bari University, Weighted Sobolev spaces on the hyperboloid
  • 1998, L’Aquila University, Klein-Gordon equation
  • 1998, SNS Pisa, Global existence for nonlinear wave equations